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Media by Taylor White · BLO9fqzDhCd · Likes: 499 · Posted: 2016-10-06T21:48
06.10.16 - 21:48
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Taylor White

Love this gorgeous photo of my work with @dalek2020 that's up on hypebeast.com by @lifeofisley 📸 // @muralsinthemarket @hypebeast



You are really good at your job.


Well done.. I'll be back again to check this one out in person. Wish we could of connected




@lukebuch ✨🙏✨


@prjctomni thank you! Connect someday soon


📸 @lifeofisley


@muralsinthemarket thanks! ✌🏼️


So good!






Love this !! Wow what talent you have 🙌🙌👌


Incredible I love your work


@nicosuavalicious thanks so much!


this is beautiful.


Yoooo your art is slappin bro!!! I peeped it in the @marshall_tsf MOOD video too!!! @taylurk
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