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Media by Shida · BL76hx9gJEK · Likes: 449 · Posted: 2016-10-24T08:48
24.10.16 - 08:48
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To create the main works for my "Rites of Joy" exhibition I first marble painted marine plywood with enamel. Next I use black acrylic block printing ink to paint sheets of acetate, I scrape into the solid painted ink using small pieces of cards with chips cut into them. I wait for the ink to dry and fill in the scraped elements with coloured acrylic. Next I take the acetate sheets, cut out the figures and collage them onto the plywood. The Collages are finished with a layer of Epoxy Resin. Finally I set the finished artworks into hand made frames I marble to match the works. 🌫 "Rites of Joy" opens Friday October 28th at TMBTP 680 Ann st, Fortitude valley Brisbane. 🏩



These are next level man! What resin have you been using as your clear coat? Ive been doing something similar using norglass glass coat.


@veople can't remember to be honest. The 2 part one you get from Bunnings is always the surest bet for me.




a shiny articuno has appeared! no really dope tho


Fascinating process


Probs the feast and Watson it really is a safe bet but bloody expensive haha. Keen to check it all out Friday.


Next level! 💪☄






Is this available?


Enjoyed this exhibition was going to buy this one but realised later didn't have enough coin...
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